Foundation date:                                                                   Foundation date:
Location:                                                 Location:
Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Founders:                                                              Founders:
Andriy Prisyazhny - VP of Operations
Industry:                                                                             Industry:
Website:                                                                            Website:

Take1 is a global marketing company specializing in video advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers since 2015.

The quality of traffic is guaranteed using exclusive anti-fraud technology, measuring accessibility and transparency of data, which provides only targeted impressions on more than 3000 sites. Impressions reach 3 billion a year.

Take1 introduces cross-platform solutions for 300 customers and covers traffic from all over the world. For publishers, traffic monetization solutions with high FillRate and eCPM indicators were created, as well as solutions for both In-Stream and OutStream video ads.

Head Office: New York, USA

Office: Zaporizhia, Ukraine


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