Dr. Max Polyakov is an outstanding international space and information-technology entrepreneur, investing through Noosphere Ventures.

He has built companies that were sold to entities such as Oracle and Blackstone investment firms.

For the past six years, Polyakov has focused almost exclusively on emerging space technologies.


Born 30 June ​1977 ​in the city of Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

The child of engineers at JSC "Khartron",
a Ukrainian rocket and space enterprise specialized
in the development of control systems and electronics.

Ukrainian rocket and space enterprise JSC "Khartron", Zaporizhia



Graduated from
Zaporizhzhia State
Medical University.


Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University with a PhD in International Economics. The topic of his thesis was ‘Forms of Implementation of the Paradigm Model of Information Development of the World Economy’.

Dnipropetrovsk National University
Became a Doctor of Economic Sciences, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman. Thesis topic: ‘Global Determinants of the Formation and Development of the Knowledge Economy’.


Dr. Polyakov started his first company, IT-Ukraine.
The firm was one of the first IT companies in south-eastern Ukraine, and created software for US and European customers. In just four years, the company grew from 6 to 93 employees.
Building on this foundation of success in the online world, he co-founded IDE Group, which included Cupid plc, Murka, HitDynamics. When HitDynamics was sold to US company Hitwise (Experian Hitwise), the world leader in online consumer search and behavior intelligence, Max became vice-president of Hitwise.

Dr. Polyakov co-founded Maxymiser. During his time as CEO, and later as a non-executive Director, the company attracted about $15 million in external investments and became a global expert in multivariate testing, personalization and optimization.

As a result, Maxymiser attracted brands, such as Hertz, Teleflora, and Time Warner Cable. In 2015, Maxymiser was purchased by Oracle.

Dr. Polyakov supervised the IPO launch of Cupid PLC on the London stock exchange as LSE AIM:CUP. Under the direction of Dr. Polyakov, Cupid has become a market leader and a key player in the online dating industry. The company had over 54 million members and generated revenues of $83 million in 2011.
This explosive expansion garnered attention, and Cupid was noticed by Deloitte as the technology company with the fastest rate of growth in Scotland. It was also recognized as the Best Travel & Leisure PLC at the UK Stock Market Awards 2012, shortly before Max left the company. Cupid was recognized as the Best Travel & Leisure PLC at the UK Stock Market Awards 2012
Dr. Polyakov founded the Renatus Media company Dr. Polyakov founded the Renatus Media company, a social and mobile games publisher. The company quickly attracted over 10 million users worldwide and became a leading US-based publishing company for the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Facebook.

Dr. Max PolyakovDr. Polyakov became a general partner at the investment partnership Noosphere Ventures Partners in Palo Alto, California. The company’s investment focus is concentrated around the spheres of digital economy e.g. advertising technologies, as well as engineering - such as space launch systems.

Managed by Dr. Polyakov, Noosphere Ventures Partners founded the EOSDA (Earth Observing System Data Analytics) company to perform instant analytics of Earth Remote Sensing data. In September 2017, EOSDA joined the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).
G.D.M. Group Holding LimitedDr. Polyakov co-invested in G.D.M. Group Holding Limited. The GDMG umbrella unites a set of marketing services that include performance, mobile, programming, video marketing and media purchases. These services are offered by market leaders such as ClickDealer, a Google Certified Partner that has been ranked as one of the best in the market by Performinsider and Think Blue Book.
Firefly Aerospace A Noosphere Ventures Partners' subsidiary purchased the assets, patents and intellectual property of Firefly Systems Inc. After the deal, it was renamed Firefly Aerospace. The company, with its headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas, develops innovative small satellite launch vehicles and moon landers.
Firefly Aerospace was selected by NASA for the ​Commercial Lunar Payload Services Contract and subsequently was selected by the US Air Force for​ ​special orbital missions​Firefly Aerospace was selected by NASA and by the US Air Force

Max Polyakov, as a co-shareholder of Murka, was involved in the successful sale of the assets of Murka Limited and Murka Entertainment Limited to one of the world’s leading investment firms.

Murka is a developer and publisher of social and mobile game experiences in the social-casino genre, founded in 2011. Murka had about 5 million monthly active users worldwide and was ranked the fastest growing company in the CIS according to AppAnnie’s report at that period.

Max Polyakov established a Space technologies R&D center in Dnipro, Ukraine, employing nearly 200 specialists. Polyakov's space projects there include SETS engines, EOS SAT optical satellites, and EOS SAR radar satellites.
EOS - Earth Observing System listening to the pulse of the planet first satellite constellation of EOS Data Analytics ​EOS Data Analytics announced the launch of its first satellite constellation, equipped with high-performance multispectral imagers and aperture radars, and scheduled for early 2022.
EOS Data Analytics joins the Goldeneye project, founded by the European Commission EOS Data Analytics joins the Goldeneye project, founded by the European Commission. The core objective of EOS Data Analytics is to improve safety and reduce the impact of mining on the environment, as well as increase the efficiency of mines and quarries through combined monitoring from space and on the ground.
Firefly Alpha rocket from Firefly Aerospace Firefly Aerospace successfully passed the acceptance tests of its Firefly Alpha rocket. The maiden launch is scheduled for early 2021.
NASA awarded ​Firefly Black, the national security and civil space subsidiary of Firefly Aerospace, with a $9.3 million contract to deliver small satellites to sun-synchronous orbit to demonstrate the efficiency of new launch vehicles for small spacecraft.
NASA awarded Firefly Aerospace approximately $93.3 million to deliver a suite of 10 science investigations and technology demonstrations to the Moon in 2023. As part of NASA's Artemis program, Firefly Aerospace will be responsible for end-to-end delivery services, including payload integration, launch, landing on the Moon, and mission operations using its Blue Ghost lander.


Dr. Max Polyakov is a follower of the noosphere theory of Academician Volodymyr Vernadsky, according to which the human mind and knowledge are considered to be the main driving force behind human development and the most valuable resource of humanity in the preservation of the planet.
research activities of Max Polyakov

Research activities

Max Polyakov has two degrees. In 2013 he graduated with a PhD in International Economics. The topic of his dissertation was ‘A Paradigm Model for Information Technology Development in the Global Economy and Forms for its Realization’. Additionally, together with Professor Khanin, he is a co-author of numerous scientific and philosophical works on semiotics, noospherology, and innovation in economics.
He continues to be a prolific writer and has published more than 20 scientific papers on various topics. Along with these academic pursuits, Dr. Polyakov has co-authored a dozen US patents. Dr. Polyakov is continuing his scientific endeavors.

Social responsibility / philanthropic works

Dr. Polyakov founded a series of philanthropic events to encourage younger generations to get involved in the pillar industries of the Noosphere philosophy: Technology, Knowledge and Humanity.
Dr. Polyakov laid the foundation of the Noosphere Engineering School Dr. Polyakov laid the foundation of the Noosphere Engineering School, which encompasses a number of cutting-edge laboratories based in leading universities in Ukraine and globally.
Dr. Polyakov developed the idea of an annual ‘Battle of the Startups’, the Vernadsky Challenge Dr. Polyakov developed the idea of an annual ‘Battle of the Startups’, the Vernadsky Challenge, to offer grants and support to engineering startups all over the world.
FAI European Championship for Space Models With the support of Dr. Polyakov, the FAI European Championship for Space Models was held in Ukraine for the first time. To prepare for the event and lift air sports to the next level, he initiated the development of a new event management and scoring system for FAI (World Air sports Federation) competitions - Cup Navigator.
Dr. Polyakov co-founded the NGO ‘Noosphere Association’ to encourage youth to be more engaged with their studies, and later pursuing STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The Association regularly organizes festivals, conferences and meetups to foster interest in science, technology, rocketry and engineering. That same year, Dr. Polyakov launched another annual event, BestRoboFest, and began working more closely with local organizations and individuals in Ukraine to foster an entrepreneurial spirit.
Dr. Polyakov and Firefly Aerospace saved the Space Foundation’s International Student Art Contest from cancellation.
Dr. Polyakov completed renovation of Gagarin Park and the Dnipro PlanetariumDr. Polyakov completed renovation of Gagarin Park and the Dnipro Planetarium as part of Dnipro infrastructure improvement.


​Ernst & Young named Dr. Max Polyakov Entrepreneur of the Year in 2009
​Ernst & Young named Dr. Max Polyakov Entrepreneur of the Year in Scotland in 2009 in recognition of his business achievements.
Dr. Polyakov was awarded with the title of FAI Companion of Honour in 2017
In recognition of his role in modernizing the scoring and management systems for several FAI sports, Dr. Polyakov was awarded with the title of FAI Companion of Honour in 2017.
Dr. Polyakov is recognised as the “Man of the Year” by the Ukrainian national program.
Dr. Polyakov is recognised as the “Man of the Year” for "Significant contribution to the revival of the rocket and space industry in Ukraine" by the Ukrainian national program.