for the Planet.
Even from Space.

We share the values we’ve inoculated in our businesses, and expand the noosphere we’ve created there via our people and our deeds. The noosphere is a concept that connects people. By sharing our knowledge, we cooperate in building a new, sustainable world, for us, and for all future generations.

Our success didn’t occur in a vacuum, and we know what it is to give back to the community – to the planet – that helps us succeed. Our social responsibilities guide every action we take, and every plan for the future we have, in order to build one we’re proud to leave for our children.

Environment & Climate Change

We believe that healing the planet is our top priority. This means investing heavily in and promoting space technologies that can help optimize everything from agriculture to municipal land use. By making the SDGs a core component of our mission, we show our commitment to ensuring that our blue-green orb remains that way for years to come.

Saving The Planet

We recognize that it’s going to take a lot of work to fix the plant, which is why we acknowledge the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to realize “a better and more sustainable future for all.” Our work is aimed at supporting SDG initiatives, and equipping our communities with the tools they need to make those goals a reality.

Environment & Climate Change

The Goals

Each of our portfolio companies are dedicated to supporting and promoting the realization of the following goals.

  1. Food Security

  2. Health Care & Well-being

  3. Preventing Disasters

  4. Monitoring Natural Resources

  5. Reducing Poverty & Social Injustice

  6. Education & Scientific Research

  7. Gender Equality

  8. Clean Water

  9. Zero-emission Energy

  10. Sustainability & Innovation

  11. Responsible Consumption & Production

  12. Climate-smart Conservation

Our Work

We know that words are cheap, so we’ve invested in leveraging our businesses, technologies, and partnerships
to stimulate actions that will help build a sustainable future.

Education & Culture

Nurturing A Universe of Potential

It takes a village to raise a child, and we know better than most how a child’s curiosity can lead to great things.That’s why we’re
investing in activities and organizations that share our values and making sure that every person feels empowered to reach the stars.

Our Initiatives

We aim to inspire young people’s dreams and fill their minds with the possibilities that await them. Our partnerships are wholly in service of those goals, and we’re proud to be able to contribute. Leveraging our unique expertise in advanced technologies, we’ve discovered and helped develop programs that will leave children with a sense of wonder and awe.

Inspiring a New Generation of Builders

Inspiring a New Generation of Builders

Robots have long seized the imagination of children, and robot competitions have become a storied tradition at many schools. We’ve brought that same passion and innovation to Ukraine, funding an all-encompassing family festival replete with battlin’ bots, a technology exposition, engineering workshops, and Ukraine’s first monster car show!
Developing a Passion for Space by Seeing

Developing a Passion for Space by Seeing

Seeing is believing. And the stars have been the muses for thousands of years of human art, science, music, philosophy, love, and more. We continue that tradition with the Planetarium 2.0, a 360 degree, 4K star-and-planet viewing experience that’s sure to serve as a muse for the community.
Bringing Green to Cities

Bringing Green to Cities

There are few things more important to children than the ability to run and play freely through green fields. Strolling along a park pathway is one of the best ways to spend a lunch break or a daytime walk, as well. In order to realize a beautiful green space for children and adults alike, we’ve invested in reconstructing the expo zone of Dnipro’s Botanic Gardens into Gagarin Park, a brightly-lit, wifi enabled, well-maintained park for children and parents alike to stroll and enjoy.