for the Planet.
Even from Space.

We share the values we’ve inoculated in our businesses, and expand the noosphere we’ve created there via our people and our deeds. The noosphere is a concept that connects people. By sharing our knowledge, we cooperate in building a new, sustainable world, for us, and for all future generations.

Our success didn’t occur in a vacuum, and we know what it is to give back to the community – to the planet – that helps us succeed. Our social responsibilities guide every action we take, and every plan for the future we have, in order to build one we’re proud to leave for our children.

War in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Max Polyakov has taken an active position in support of Ukraine. He helped form a coalition of commercial space companies to collect and analyze satellite images and data, with the results handed over to the Ukrainian military.

He has directed his own funds to projects to support the army and funds to support victims of the war, and his NGO, Association Noosphere, has begun new socially-important projects helping internally displaced persons.

Environment & Climate Change

We believe that healing the planet is our top priority. This means investing heavily in and promoting space technologies that can help optimize everything from agriculture to municipal land use. By making the SDGs a core component of our mission, we show our commitment to ensuring that our blue-green orb remains that way for years to come.

Saving The Planet

We recognize that it’s going to take a lot of work to fix the plant, which is why we acknowledge the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to realize “a better and more sustainable future for all.” Our work is aimed at supporting SDG initiatives, and equipping our communities with the tools they need to make those goals a reality.


The Goals

Each of our portfolio companies are dedicated to supporting and promoting the realization of the following goals.

  1. Food Security

  2. Health Care & Well-being

  3. Preventing Disasters

  4. Monitoring Natural Resources

  5. Reducing Poverty & Social Injustice

  6. Education & Scientific Research

  7. Gender Equality

  8. Clean Water

  9. Zero-emission Energy

  10. Sustainability & Innovation

  11. Responsible Consumption & Production

  12. Climate-smart Conservation

Our Work

We know that words are cheap, so we’ve invested in leveraging our businesses, technologies, and partnerships
to stimulate actions that will help build a sustainable future.

Education & Culture

Future engineering stars are among us!

Every society has the main purpose of rearing a worthy generation that will not only have the desire to bring innovations to light but also have the drive to do so. Our main goal is to nurture an interest in innovation and technology from a young age and to allow the youth to visualize themselves in the field of engineering.

We support STEM and space technologies

NGO “Association Noosphere” has been developing an engineering and creativity ecosystem in Ukraine for the past seven years. The Noosphere ecosystem allows children and young people to explore STEM education through competitions and master classes in robotics and rocket modelling, in the Noosphere Engineering School labs and at engineering and space hackathons. We want everyone to have the opportunity to become an engineer, scientist, or specialist in the aerospace industry, and to have a chance to design and launch future spacecraft.

Forward to new space discoveries!

Forward to new space discoveries!

Planetarium Noosphere is a joint socio-educational project from the “Aerospace Museum Center for Culture and Education of Youth” and “Association Noosphere”, public organizations in Dnipro. The Noosphere Planetarium opened in late 2020 after a complete “relaunch”. Now, this is a new space for the city, a center of scientific and research creativity with changing exhibitions and a classroom. The Planetarium’s Star Hall is equipped with a projection system with 6 LED projectors, which can show videos in 4K-8K format - on par with the best planetariums in Europe. In addition, Planetarium Noosphere has sound systems and special seating. This is the only planetarium in Ukraine with equipment of this level.
Nurturing cosmic creativity

Nurturing cosmic creativity

NGO “Association Noosphere” in cooperation with the Ukraine Spacemodelling Sport Federation (FRMSU), supports the development of rocket modelling in Ukraine by holding innovative competitions. Among them are the Ukraine Rocketry Challenge, the championships of Ukraine and the Yangel Cup world cup stages in model rocket sports. In 2015 and 2016, Ukraine hosted the European Championship and the World Model Rocket Sports Championship, jointly organized by Noosphere and FRMSU. In 2022, NGO “Association Noosphere” and FRMSU worked together to co-organize of the first virtual rocket modelling competition in Ukraine, the Noosphere Space Games, to give children the opportunity to learn new things and support them during the war.
We work with Noosphere Engineering School to embody technological ideas

We work with Noosphere Engineering School to embody technological ideas

Noosphere Engineering School is a network of scientific and technical laboratories located within higher education institutions in Ukraine. Noosphere Engineering School creates favourable conditions for creative engineering so that Ukrainian students and young scientists can develop their innovative ideas, gain technological and marketing support, make innovative product prototypes, and launch technological startups. In the laboratories of the Noosphere Engineering School, every budding engineer, scientist, and startup entrepreneur will find a place to develop their talents.