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Foundation date:                                                                   Foundation date:
Location:                                                 Location:
Dnipro, Ukraine
Founders:                                                              Founders:
Artem Serediuk - CEO
Ihor Kuznetsov - co-Founder; CPO
Industry:                                                                             Industry:
Website:                                                                            Website:

PocketGuard is an application for managing personal finances. It allows you to budget, track and reduce your expenses. Product goal: To allow the user to spend more time on life while PocketGuard takes care of his finances.

Application Features:

  1. all finances in one place (loans, deposits, accounts, investments, cards, etc.);
  2. analysis and classification of expenses;
  3. help in controlling costs and generating savings;
  4. creating an automatic personalized budget;
  5. offer advice on saving money and improving financial condition;

35,000 customers from the USA and Canada are already working with PocketGuard.

Head office: Menlo Park, California, USA

R&D and office: Dnipro, Ukraine.


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