Gagarin Park

Gagarin Park



Gagarin Park is a social project to improve the park area of the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University’s Botanical Garden.

In 2019, Noosphere initiated the reconstruction of the park and has already:

  • updated walking paths
  • installed benches and urn;
  • installed modern lighting
  • made free wifi available
  • created an augmented reality application.

The project plans to create:

  • space-themed recreation areas
  • playground
  • amphitheater for lectures and events
  • amenities for persons with disabilities

Noosphere is proposing to use the park space as a kind of open-air coworking – a place for meetings, exchange of ideas and thoughts, a space for creating the so-called Gagarin community, a union of people who are interested in planetary thinking.

Beautification of the park is a passionate contribution of the organization to the development of the infrastructure of Dnipro and a tribute to the first flight into space.