Noo IT School

Noo IT School



Noo IT School is a regional IT courses in business areas:

  •  internet marketing;
  •  product management;
  •  analytics.

The course programs are developed by Noosphere experts and form the fundamental skills in IT – creating their own products, their development and monetization.

Noo IT School is a nonprofit project founded by Noosphere.

The mission of the project is to share the accumulated knowledge and expertise, to cultivate the potential of youth for the development of the national IT sphere.

Noo IT School courses are free.

The project invests in the future generation and the development of an IT product niche.


  •  development of the regional and national labor market;
  •  raising quality standards in the IT field;
  •  creating opportunities for decent professional development of youth within the hometown and Ukraine;
  •  Employment of graduates in Noosphere projects and other leading grocery IT companies.

The project started in 2020 in Zaporizhia, starting with the course Internet Marketing. In the future, it is planned to launch other directions.