Digital transformation will continue to take place in nearly all industries and processes that govern them. Industry leaders need detailed and up-to-date industry-specific information in order to optimize their management processes for the digital era. In fact, many industries require more processing and managed workflows, in part, using geospatial information systems.

At the same time, geospatial information systems are unfamiliar to most industrial enterprises. Therefore, it is important to provide them with fast and easy access to open and proprietary data sets and to equip them with user-friendly geospatial data processing tools.

All that data

Increased data availability inspires development of new applications thereby increasing the demand for even more geospatial data. However, despite the enormous availability of data, only 5% of the EO imagery ends up being used because there are still many barriers preventing industry from making remote sensing tools useful for everyone.

Our mission is to completely remove these barriers as soon as possible. EOS is simplifying access to geospatial data and developing new data processing tools in an effort to accelerate growth of this nascent industry. We make complex problems simple, so that anyone can access remote sensing services that were once available to only the most wealthy governments and corporations.

EOS DA has been in the market since 2015 and has undergone significant transformations during this time, developing both SaaS products and corporate solutions. But in all of our products, EOS DA increases the value of the data by showing more insights about the data.

The industry shift

In the IT market, geospatial is now moving from multifunctional to intelligent tools and our company is keeping up with the trends.

Innovation, which is the engine of our business, is being implemented in all areas: from the technical environment (cloud solutions) to business models  and workflows. This includes the active use of IoT, or  HD Maps. At the core of our products is the use of artificial intelligence to enhance decision making based on a variety of data sets.

The main task in this environment is to be able to turn the most valuable methods and technologies into innovations. We are already laying the groundwork for streaming data processing in the 5G era.

At a time when business is still focused on only data and information, we are focusing on knowledge. Our systems are designed to meet today’s key challenges for the industry by delivering beyond basic reporting and by enhancing the customer’s decision making. This enables us to grow our business today and expand our growth into the future.

EOS is a vertically integrated company and the creation of geoservices and satellite data analytics is only the tip of the iceberg. One of the company’s areas of focus is the creation of its own satellite constellation with SAR technology and optical spacecraft that will work together to meet the market requirements. It will also provide great maneuverability in the selection of initial data. The EOS satellite constellation will consist of 12 satellites, which will allow the high-frequency of repeated visits to a given area of the Earth’s surface.

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