10 November 2021
Grants, their types and how to prepare for a grant competition

Grant programs are one of the tools with which you can use to create and scale up your business, and even to help rescue your business from crisis.
In this article, we will talk about grant programs, their benefits for business, and how to prepare for grant competitions.

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05 November 2021
Crowdfunding: mission doable

Crowdfunding is a fantastic tool for bringing great ideas to life. You can use it to implement new business ideas, do something useful for your city, or create an innovative and unique product.

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13 October 2021
FFF and business angels: how to get the first funds for the development of a business idea

A good idea and an interested investor may be enough to create a billion net worth company.
We have prepared a series of materials on investing in business projects at different stages of development. The first article provides an overview of two financing methods – FFF and business angels

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03 October 2021
What is a trademark, and how can they protect businesses?

Brands whose products have become popular and have attracted dishonest competitors, are faced with copycats every day. The presence of a trademark protects against the actions of dishonest competitors – the use of a name, design and other elements strongly associated with a well-known brand.

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