24 June 2021
U.S. Proposes to Classify Space Infrastructure as ‘Critical’ – Why Is This Needed?

According to Statista, an international database of statistics, low Earth orbit currently plays host to over 3,300 active satellites, most of which (1,800) belong to the U.S.A. These satellites aren’t just useful for solving our problems here on Earth, but also for ensuring national security.

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16 June 2021
Max Polyakov Details Deal to Acquire Dragonfly Aerospace

In a new interview, Via Satellite talks to Max Polyakov about why he decided to invest in Dragonfly Aerospace and what this company brings to his array of space assets: Firefly Aerospace, SETS, EOSDA, and others.

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23 April 2021
EOSDA’s Max Polyakov Shares LEO Agriculture Constellation Plans

Earth Observation Data Analytics (EOSDA) is looking to use satellite technology to make a difference in the areas of agriculture, oil and gas, forestry, and disaster recovery.

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22 April 2021
Noosphere Ventures aims to build an integrated space powerhouse: Q&A with managing partner Max Polyakov

Ukrainian entrepreneur Max Polyakov, with his Silicon Valley-based investment vehicle Noosphere Ventures Partners, is on a mission to build out a vertically integrated space business.

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22 February 2020
Data powering digitalization

Digital transformation will continue to take place in nearly all industries and processes that govern them.

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