Owned by Ukrainian businessman Max Polyakov, EOS Data Analytics, which specializes in processing and analyzing large amounts of GIS data, has received a grant from the European Commission to develop a system to analyze satellite imagery of mining sites in Europe. For this purpose, the European Commission awarded the company a grant of $308,000. 

EOS Data Analytics team became one of 16 teams participating in the Goldeneye project.

The core objective of EOS Data Analytics is to improve safety and reduce the impact of mining on the environment, as well as to increase the efficiency of mines and quarries through combined monitoring from space and on the ground. The project has a duration of 3 years and an EC funding of €8.36 million.

As part of the Goldeneye program, EOSDA specialists will develop a system for the analysis of satellite data on mining in Europe.

“We are pleased with the synergistic cooperation with the European Commission and are convinced that this analysis will be another technological step towards the conservation and optimization of natural resources,” commented Max Polyakov, founder of EOS and Noosphere Ventures.

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