EOS Data Analytics

EOS Data Analytics



EOS Data Analytics is a trusted global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics. The company operates worldwide, partnering with governmental, commercial, and scientific organizations. The scope of the company’s technologies embraces Earth observation solutions for smart decision-making in agriculture, mining, oil, military, and other industries. With this, EOS Data Analytics reveals the emerging challenges of the planet beforehand.

Head Office: California, USA

Main Products:

Crop Monitoring is an online satellite field monitoring service that c-investments collects all the important information about the state of crops in one tool

LandViewer is a satellite imagery catalog equipped with a set of useful options and analytical tools. Fire analysis and deforestation functions are available.

EOS SAT creates optical satellite payloads. One of the project’s major objectives is creating the first agriculture-focused satellite constellation. 

LiDAR is a project to develop radar sensors that scan the surface of the Earth and c-investments collect data with high accuracy. They are usually installed on any flying device. Based on these data, 3D models of cities, buildings, and terrain are created.