Space Electric Thruster Systems (SETS) is a project that develops electric rocket propulsion systems and their subsystems designed for use on spacecraft. The team has developed two types of propulsion systems that can solve a number of problems: maintaining the satellite‚Äôs orbit parameters, orienting and stabilizing the satellite, and, ultimately, bring it down from the calculated orbit for disposal. We created a total of six products that are available for order on the SETS website.

SETS Prospective Clients

Satellite constellations of low-orbit Internet services: O3B by Thales Alenia Space, Viasat, LeoSat, Telesat and others.

Satellite providers and integrators: OHB, Thales Alenia Space, Ariane Group, Airbus, QinetiQ and others.

In 2018, SETS received the Seal of Excellence, which awards projects submitted to Horizon 2020.

Established: 2016

Offices: Dnipro