There are seven international space conferences scheduled in the next six months. They will bring together key players in the space industry, government officials, space agencies, and many others.

These events will not only summarize the achievements of the space industry in 2021, but also discuss challenges for the next decade, including the problem of orbital debris, legislative changes, and new rules for all participants in the space industry. 

The Max Polyakov Space blog has prepared an overview of the main space conferences and symposia happening from late 2021 to early 2022.

World Satellite Business Week

When: December 13-16 2021

Where: Paris, France 

World Satellite Business Week will take place in mid-December in Paris, France. More than 180 speakers from 40 countries of the world will speak at the event. 

Representatives of the leading space agencies will offer reports, including the ESA and international organizations like the European External Action Service and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The conference will also feature speakers from the NewSpace movement, including technology companies and venture capital funds.

Presentations will be divided into four blocks, and will cover matters ranging from space infrastructure to legislation in the field of space to space technologies.

The largest share of the action will happen within the Summit for Satellite Financing. The three main topics of this block will be satellite business, space industry financing, and launchers. Speakers will also discuss 5G, cloud applications, growth programs of leading communication service providers, and Earth observation.

The second main block is the Summit on Earth Observation Business. The main topics of this block will be sensors and analytics for next generation services.

Speakers within this block will also make presentations on EO (Earth Observation Systems), GSAAS  (Ground Stations as a Service), new satellite constellation capabilities, and many other topics. 

At SmartPlane, the main focus will be smart spacecraft using artificial intelligence, antennas, and further exploitation of satellite networks. 

Finally, in the Enterprise Connectivity & Universal Broadband section, speakers will focus on the future of communications in the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America, as well as talk about disaster monitoring using satellite technologies. 


When: January 10-12 2022

Where: Orlando, Florida

SpaceCom will be held in the first half of January in Orlando, Florida. This event will be a combined exhibition and conference. At the exhibition, space industry representatives will demonstrate new developments in space infrastructure, launched space vehicles, and satellites.

Speeches by conference participants will take place over two days and will be divided into four thematic blocks. 

In the On-Planet Industry Applications block, the key focus will be on satellite technologies, like combining GPS with artificial intelligence to automate transport and navigation, and using satellite services for the digital transformation of cities. Speakers will also talk about the role of space in climate change, as well as dual-use space technologies. 

Off-Planet Commercialization will focus on space infrastructure like orbital stations and space debris removal systems. Speakers will also give presentations on rocket launches and prospects for private space investment in the coming year. 

In Space Exploration, the main theme will be the study of the planets and their satellites. Speakers will discuss exploration of the moon, Mars, and Venus, as well as the lessons learned from the Inspiration4 project.

Enabling Commercial Space will be devoted to discussing the development of the regulatory and industrial framework of building space infrastructure. 

World Economic Forum

When: January 17-21 2022

Where: Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

The World Economic Forum will hold its annual meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland in the second half of January. It will bring together leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society to discuss and find solutions to economic, environmental, political and social problems. 

This year’s Davos meeting will be dedicated to the development of capitalism for all stakeholders, ensuring a more inclusive future in the world of work and the use of technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

There is traditionally a meeting of the Global Future Council on Space held as part of the WEF. The GFCS is the world’s largest interdisciplinary network dedicated to advancing innovative thinking to shape an inclusive and sustainable future in space.

European Space Conference

When: January 25 2022 

Where: Brussels, Belgium 

European Space Conference will take place at the end of January in Brussels, Belgium. It will bring together representatives of space agencies, the public sector, and private business.

Last year, the Conference’s main topics included space data for modernizing the European economy, the future of commercial and secure public telecommunications in Europe, and other key themes. 

The program for 2022 will be announced soon. 

Global Space and Technology Convention 2022

When: February 9-10 2022

Where: Singapore

The Global Space and Technology Convention will be held in early February in Singapore, and will bring together about 1000 delegates from 50 countries. 

Last year, the Conference was attended by representatives of NASA and JAXA, the World Bank, the NewSpace movement, and other types of business. 

Presentations will be divided between panel discussions and thematic speeches. 

The main topics of the panel speeches were: 

  • Space and sustainability — which space technologies can offer benefits to efforts to ensure the sustainability of the planet
  • Breakthrough space technologies worth watching
  • Next-generation computers in the space industry.
  • Observation of the Earth and the challenges of tomorrow
  • Cybersecurity in the space age 

Last year, there were also presentations on the NEO satellite constellation (the world’s largest network of satellites for observing Earth), the space legacy of Hungary, and advanced space exploration.
The program for next year is still being finalized, and the Convention’s organizers will announce the structure of the event and the topics of presentations soon. 

Paris Space Week 2022: 

When: March 14-15 2022

Where: Paris, France

Paris Space Week 2022 will take place in the middle of March. The conference will bring together representatives from space agencies, the public sector, investors, and private sector space companies. 

Like this year, last year’s Paris Space Week took place over two days. The first day was devoted to satellite technology, communications in space, and the commercialization of orbital space. 

Day two focused on managing the risk of orbital debris, the European Small Satellite Launch Service, and other topics.

The program for 2022 will soon appear on the organizers’ website

Space Symposium

When: April 4-7 2022 

Where: Colorado Springs, Colorado

This international event brings together 10 to 15 thousand participants every year. They represent all corners of the space community: space agencies, commercial space ventures and associated subcontractors, space entrepreneurs, and more.

Participants come to the Space Symposium every year to discuss problems and find solutions in the realm of space exploitation and exploration. 

A detailed program of the event is expected to be posted on the Symposium’s website soon. 
These events offer a fantastic opportunity to review the successes of the space industry in 2021, of which there are enough. They will also offer members of the industry a great chance to outline and make progress on even more significant goals in the coming year.