23 October 2019
EOS to create its own radar microsatellite constellation “EOS SAR”

US-based EOS Data Analytics, a space portfolio company of Noosphere Ventures, has unveiled EOS SAR– a project to develop its own synthetic aperture radar (SAR) sensors intended for deployment in a constellation of microsatellites.

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17 October 2019
U.S. Air Force selects eight launch providers to compete for $986 million worth of orders

Under the IDIQ contract, the Air Force will compete each mission among the eight awardees.

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20 August 2019
Innovator Max Polyakov and Firefly Aerospace: New Space is Available for Everybody

Max Polyakov’s company Firefly Aerospace initiated the program DREAM that is called to increase the efficiency of education and science research.

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10 July 2019
Firefly Will Use Beresheet Lander Tech To Land On The Moon

While Israel’s Beresheet lander never made it to the moon, looks like some of its tech now has a second chance.

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29 June 2019
Max Polyakov and Tom Markusic may launch Firefly Aerospace rocket in 2019

Tom Markusic is the founder of Firefly Aerospace together with Max Polyakov they have achieved a lot in the space industry and they are even planning to go beyond Earth’s orbit and on towards the moon.

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26 February 2019
Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace: What Building The New Space Era Looks Like

Max Polyakov’s Firefly Aerospace is testing the Firefly Lightning, the new engine, creating the most cost-effective satellite launch vehicles.

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